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We think of programming the same way an artist thinks of painting or a musician thinks of music, it’s not simply a means to an end, or a job, but something inside of you that needs to be expressed. In other words, we love what we do and we do what we love.

Jungle IDE. The most advanced IDE for Monkey-X

Jungle Ide is the most advanced and powerful development environment for the Monkey programming language. Advanced tools give you power and control.

BLIde Plus!

BLIde Plus is the world most advanced development environment for BlitzMax. This was our first big project and it’s still the IDE of choice for lots of BlitzMax coders over the world.


Our FontMachine editor and Module has been used in several commercial Games and Applications in the industry, including the BAFTA award winning New Star Soccer for iOS and Android.

Development tools

Advanced tools give you power and control. We’ve been developing a wide range of tools for coders since 2005

Custom development

We also do custom development. If you need a desktop application, or a cross-platform multi-device development for your company, you’re in the right place.

Open Source

We also lead several Open Source projects that have been used in several commercial games and applications.

Research & Consulting

We colaborate in several research projects about young kids development and touch screen technology.  We keep learning everyday.

Jungle Ide

We’ve developed the world most advanced IDE for the Monkey programming language. Our Integrated Development Environment has been used in several projects. Our IDE integrates a very advanced code analyzing engine that allows the IDE to provide suggestions. This tool has been proved to improve software development costs.


We are working to develop digital toys intended for young children. Let them play and learn freely!

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We believe Open Source development is the future. Take a look to our free open sourceprojects here.

Work with us

Do you want to work with us? Do you have any good idea you would love to see implemented? We’re a very open team aiming for all kind of experimentation.Don’t hesitate to contact us!


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