Here we’re are: Arkanoid playable built in 4 hours. This is one of the games we’ve built step by step during one of the session of the course we gave at ICE (Universitat de Barcelona) last week; a multi-platform game development crash course of 20 hours. We had the pleasure to meet a crowd of motivated teachers interested in learning how to face game and apps development in the current multi-device environment.
We talked about strategies; useful tools and standard resources to develop games according to the globalized and segmented market. We’ve been analyzing DEFO for several development and deployment strategies like the classical proprietary plugins, some of the available cross-platform languages, and some unified API’s based systems such as the Nokia’s Qt.

We spent some sessions coding and playing with some of the standard tools that could help out teachers and their future students to build and code a game for the first time. We introduced Unity as an standard engine for 3D gaming development; it gave them a general first and tiny approach to the de-facto industry standard 3D engine for games development.

At the same time, we’d introduced them to what we think is a more sensible way to handle multi target development by using transcompilation. We invited them to take an advantage of learning Monkey-x and gave themselves -and their students- the chance of joining the Monkey-x community to start developing their first games easily and quicker.

It was amazing for us seeing them enjoying coding and playing with our Jungle IDE. Some of them – Jose María Bea thanks for your kind words!- have already told us they are up to introduce MonkeyX in their classrooms and will go on with MonkeyX for personal projects, good for them! It was really encouraging work with all of them.We will keep in contact to help anytime they need it. Thanks for playing with us. Remember: we need more games, please insert coin!