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How should it be to develop a cool app for a 5 years old user?  Is it necessary to think about an specific game design when you focus your game into such a young target?!   I’m happy to introduce a new professional project I share with Marta Lòpez and Mariona Grané, we’re looking for answers.


We are spending a lot of time looking for quality entertainment for young kids. What’s the quality key for a cool app? for a fun videogame? Is it about usability, visual design, UX, content!? What’s the point about it? It’s not easy at all.

Everything we’ve been reading, collecting and playing for months will be shared at We’re desperate to find the way to organize such an amazing tone of information, experiences, apps and games we’ve been collecting and discovering during our research and some of the kids testing we’ve been making at schools, family and friends. We are delighted to analyze, tests and share any kind of interesting game or app project that arrives to our hands.

This is a never ending journey we’d decided to start few months ago in order to encourage teachers, families, friends and aliens to play with apps at home, at school, everywhere! We honestly think we should take an advantage of all mobile devices to learn and have fun as much as we can. We want more games, we want more apps: We’re tablet lovers and we need better games!

Today I’m proud to say we’ve managed to find time enough to write in our own modest blog in our own language – Catalan- quite often. We would like to encourage apps and games developers, -especially from our little country Catalonia- to invest more time in developing better projects for young kids.

Our list of apps and games analyzed keeps growing and We’re still excited each time we meet to play and share our last discovering treasures… just like kids with a new toy!

We needed Catappult sooo much and now its for real, congrats mates!

Thanks Marta and Mariona to keep the wheel running.