how to code videogames

We’re  proud to announce we’ve been invited to offer a new course about cross-platform game development at ICE, UB.

This time the course is specifically oriented to technical college teachers and will take place at Campus Mundet UB in Barcelona during the first week of July.

We will talk about development strategies; useful tools and standard resources to develop apps and games according to the true current globalized and segmented market. We will analyze DEFO for several development and deployment strategies like classical proprietary plugins, some of the available cross-platform languages, and some unified API’s based systems such Nokia’s Qt. We will introduce them to what we think is more sensible way to handle multi target development by using transcompilation.

We will invite them to take an advantage of learning Monkey X and give themselves – an their students- the chance of joining the Monkey X community.

 Take a look at the content here. You can sign up for the course till 4th of June.