We’ve been packed at room 2101 Migdia I in campus Mundet (UB) from 9.00h to 13h. We’ve met more than 20 teachers interested in learning how to develop cross-platform apps and video-games, in current multi-devices environment. That’s really encouraging, thanks for coming! They’ve been asking for strategies; useful tools and standard resources to develop apps and games according to the true current globalized and segmented market. We’ve been analyzing DEFO for several development and deployment strategies like the classical proprietary plugins, some of the available cross-
platform languages, and some unified API’s based systems such as the Nokia’s Qt. Finally we’ve introduced them to what we think is more sensible way to handle multi target development by using transcompilation. We invited them to take an advantage of learning Monkey-x and gave themselves -and their students- the chance of joining the Monkey-x community.

Next challenge for this team of cool teachers: build a first simple app or mini-game in the next forthcoming 4 sessions with our beloved Jungle IDE! We’re excited to see what they come out with.