Logo-soloJungle Ide is an integrated development environment. It is a software application that provides comprehensive facilities to programmers for applications and games development.

Jungle Ide consists of:

  • The monkey multi-target and multi-platform compiler
  • An advanced source code editor
  • A feature rich intelliprompt system
  • A complete project management system
  • Integration of additional editors (image editors, 3D editors, etc.)

Here you can see Jungle Ide in action:

Jungle Ide in action

Jungle Ide in action

Jungle Ide is a single program in which all development is done. Jungle Ide provides many features for authoring, modifying and compiling games and applications. The aim is to abstract the configuration necessary to piece together all command line utilities in a cohesive unit, which reduces the time to learn the Monkey language, and increases developer productivity.

Jungle Ide also provides several advanced helper features such as code folding and autocompletion, among others.

For more information regarding Jungle Ide:

Visit JungleIde.com