One of the experiences that impressed me  most at Itworldedu comes from a group of  students from Rel School (Barcelona). They designed and built an “intelligent garden” using sensors, solar panels and incorporate computerized irrigation control / nutrients etc … programming in Scratch.
Scratch is a visual programming language created by MIT, one of the most important technological research centers in the world, responsible among other things, the project “One Laptop per Child.” Today many schools of Catalonia are working with the Catalan version of Scratch in the classroom.
Rel School “smart-garden” project was founded with the aim of saving water resources and optimize maximum. Students found different ways to incorporate technology to do their project.

Here you have a video where we explain how it works and how it born the idea of “smart-hort” – intelligent garden- controlled by scratch.

This is a good example of the application of the scratch that was presented to the 6th edition of ITWORLD.EDU. There are other Catalan experiences, resources and all kinds of tutorials referenced here: