Web-Design-Tips-for-Increased-Website-UsabilityWe’ve spent last two weeks reading all users comments about how easy (or not) it is to get all required SDK installed to develop Monkey games on Windows.

Some beginners were a bit put off in the long process of getting ANT, Android SDK, JDK, MingWW, Flex and everything else properly installed.

We should add to the install party, the fact that then, Monkey configuration files had to be modified to reflect the SDK install locations in the filesystem, so the compiler could find them and use them.

All in all, sometimes getting a platform running could mean spending a complete evening in a sort of trial and error process that could be a bit frustrating for beginners.

The good news is… We’ve gotten rid of this all. Once and forever. Next Jungle Ide version includes automated SDK installer for Android, Flash, XNA and Desktop (including c++ tools).

This automated installers will download any required SDKs, install them or unzip them, and configure Monkey to use them whenever they’ve been installed, all in all using regular install wizards that are easy to understand.

If that’s not enough, we’ll be integrating all Android SDK tools within the IDE itself.

Jungle Ide exists to make your life as a Monkey developer easier. We like listening people’s needs and we’re very excited about all usability gains in our next iteration of the world’s most advanced IDE for Monkey X.