Our conference about indie game development in a multi-device world at La Mercé was very successful. The interest of students exceeded our expectations, and we had to move to bigger a room twice! Thanks everyone for coming to listen to us. It was very rewarding to be able to answer all your questions.

We analyzed what it means to be a game designer; and which personal and professional skills can be useful to make a carreer in this field. We especially encourage students to start programming simple casual games for mobile devices.

We talked about how to organize a teamwork and a network to build a game project; we see all this process as an important lesson that is complementary to their formal education in College.

We also described the programming languages spectrum ​​in a cross-platform environment and we explained the suitability of Monkey-X and some other new languages that are able to Trans-compile themselves to other native languages.

We hope that some of the things we shared with them may be useful to them in order to face future projects.